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Mission Statement


For each client I have the privilege to represent, I shall deliver a fully facilitated real estate transaction from start to finish. The manner and method by which I deliver this service to each client shall be one that serves to create longstanding relationships between myself and my clients. These relationships are from our very first days and beyond into the years and over decades forged upon and infused with actions and words that are truly client centered. Together, these actions and words demonstrate my total commitment to my clients’ experience being pleasant, respectful, honest, professional, proactive, responsive, effective, seamless, transparent, fully integrated, strategic, ethical, scalable, attentive to details, protective, confidential, individualized, and expert in delivery.

I will continue to grow and adapt my knowledge and services to embrace the evolution of technologies and business tools that support the level of service this Mission Statement commits to my clients. By fulfilling this Mission Statement, the end result of the client experience shall cause the client to feel and view that he or she is the beneficiary of highly personalized expert level real estate service fully tailored to that client’s specific needs, and further, that those collective services were both diligently as well as powerfully enough delivered on that client’s behalf that the only one real estate professional the client wants to represent them, their family, friends, and associates when it comes to real estate in SW Florida is Christopher A. Braun.

Please note that by the “scalable” in my Mission Statement I mean to say not all clients have the same needs for data, property information, and understanding market dynamics; however, I am totally scalable from the most basic data needs to the most intensive data and historical information needs. I love helping clients understand our marketplace. ALL clients want confidential attentive expert level professional service in the course of either purchasing or selling real estate … and that is what each client gets.

Additionally, I have cultivated strong relationships over the past 30+ years with various like-minded professionals including attorneys, lenders, contractors and custom home builders, appraisers, insurance agencies, and a host of other service providers with one purpose in mind: help clients facilitate a successful, productive, protective, transactional environment for my clients.

My full-time assistant Guy Savioli assists me in providing top caliber and confidential client services based upon the highest professional standards that clients both expect and deserve in my representation of their interest(s).


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