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Aqualane Shores

In 1946 the total population in Naples was approximately 600 people … less than 100 of those people were living in the area we today know as the City of Naples. Today Aqualane Shores, which is adjacent to Port Royal, offers tremendous direct Gulf access dockage along with a mixture of Bayfront, cove and canal front homes; a setting that makes it easy to feel right at home when beginning the beach and boating lifestyle that makes Naples world famous.

Aqualane Shores Story

305 21st Ave S Aerial 8338-800by533In 1946 the total population in Naples was approximately 600 people … less than 100 of those people were living in the area we today known as the City of Naples.

Around 1949 the land holdings of the Naples Town Improvement Company then known as The Naples Company were sold to a group headed by Henry B. Watkins.

In turn, to raise some capital to finance their enterprise, the group sold a portion of the land holdings they had just acquired. One of the portions of land sold included a parcel sold to one Phillip G. Rust, and that land was comprised of approximately 294 acres at the southern end of Olde Naples.

AS_map_large1That 294 acres was subsequently sold by Phillip G. Rust to Lorenzo and Robert Walker, and that land is the waterfront neighborhood we now call Aqualane Shores (though there was some land at the southern portion of Aqualane Shores that ultimately became part of neighboring areas to the south). Just because it is truly incredible, the cost of the Walker’s acquisition of the 294 +/- acres was right around $30,000.00 according to various historical accounts (there are no missing zeroes in that amount $30,000.00 is the correct amount that you are reading), and the very first homesites sold were sold at prices just over $2,000 per homesite.

Today, Aqualane Shores is absolutely a standard bearer for the deep water direct Gulf access waterfront neighborhoods within Naples because on top of its impressive physical attributes, many portions of Aqualane Shores also offer walking distance to the beach and / or walking distance to the 3rd Street South district. Whether the streets are canopied by lush native trees or lined with stately Royal Palms, whether you are a boater or a beach lover or both, whether you seek a seasonal or a year round residence, whether you love to cook at home or go out every night, you may rest assured that no matter where you purchase your home in Aqualane Shores that you are being welcomed into one of the finest waterfront neighborhoods in both the State of Florida and the US.

Every lifestyle element that makes both Naples and Florida so desirable around the world is richly embodied within residential enclave we call Aqualane Shores.

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