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Knowing The Market

Differentiating Services Start With Building Relationships & REALLY Knowing The Market

Though I have noted it in a few other places within my website, there is one sentence that embodies everything I strive for professionally … and it is my most prized business accomplishment: “My first clients from 30 years ago are still my clients today.”

I am dedicated to maintaining and supporting relationships because at the core, it is those relationships and the individuals and families those relationships revolve around that have driven my business for the past 30+ years here in Naples. My client relationships allow me the privilege to work and earn my living as a Realtor. It is the deep trust and respect that only comes from boots-on-the-ground-time-together that fuels my ability to be adept at discerning clients needs and executing effectively on behalf of my clients. That said, I have been very blessed and fortunate throughout my real estate practice and I am grateful to my clients and to our community.

Though I advertise heavily as well as deploy all the marketing elements my clients expect on their behalf, and in so doing maintain high visibility throughout the Naples marketplace year round, my real estate practice is overwhelmingly and primarily referral based.

My long-term clients also like me to pilot their private placement in commercial real estate transactions as well, and I do that on a limited basis for select clients though commercial real estate is not the mainstay of my real estate practice. That said, I have represented hotels (The Cooper Companies and their acquistition of the ground for the Naples Hilton on Tamiami Trail / US 41 here in town near Waterside Shops), strip center and office building acquisitions by Trusts or individuals wanting to purchase real estate along the 5th Avenue South and 3rd Street South shopping districts or along US 41, clients who aare business owners looking to relocate there business here in town or establish a new base for their business operations here in Naples, and lastly developers looking to develop land tracts or high end custom home builders seeking to make highly pinpointed site acquisitions for new home redevelopment within our coastal market area.

The diversity of my clients interests is terrific and always enjoyable. My real estate practice is effectively a 50/50 split between representing sellers and representing buyers. This ratio, though hardly anything I target, represents the natural ebb and flow of my client’s activities while also helping to hone my being continually effective in understanding both perspectives. Working consistently with both buyers and sellers also helps me maintain a concurrent sense of the market dynmics … and Naples is an incredibly dynamic real estate marketplace.

I also always remember and appreciate: everybody’s process is different. I have clients who have flown into town and purchased their property on their very first visit to Naples. I have other clients who I have worked with for four or five years before they make their decision to purchase.

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