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Christopher Braun’s path to the real estate business began by saving money from real estate sales to put himself through law school, and then what started as an avocation became a vocation.

Chris’ lifelong real estate career in Naples has evolved into a passion for expert client representation … though his true dream job is being Dad.

Describe yourself in one sentence:

I am very family centric, competitive, maintain a sense of humor, know solutions are much more important than problems, strive for balance (that’s a high bar … strive … not always achieve) and am motivated to try to help or aid others when and where I am able to as life presents those opportunities each day.

Describe your business in one sentence:

Protective of clients, fast paced problem solving, competitive, confidential, meticulously detailed, very personally attentive of and thankful to my clients … and always available to clients.

Your favorite childhood memory:

Tar on my feet at the Jersey Shore beach and boardwalks, sun, water, salt air … or Caribbean beaches and clear water … always the beach and with my sisters (and sometimes our dogs)!

Most important lessons you’ve learned in life:

Actions speak louder than words … anything I genuinely put my mind and effort into is achievable … and that Faith, Hope and Love truly are three of life’s greatest gifts.


What advice would you give a young executive trying to break into your business?

Work hard, work harder, then work harder still and do not give up … and always be honest … even when it costs you business.

How would you want others describe you as a businessperson?

Good to my word honest, helpful, dedicated, rock solid and capable … a consistent professional who follows through to completion every time.

Last time you laughed out loud:

When youngest son Samuel tried to avoid doing chores (still did them) but did a darn good Batman villain imitation to suggest another  activity that did not involve chores.

Who is your most influential role model, and why?

Anyone who is self-sacrificing, honest, committed to excellence, and kind … or has a good joke.

What charitable organization is most important to you?

My church plus a couple of cancer related organizations particularly the National Brain Tumor Society.

The person I would most like to have coffee or a cocktail with:

My sister, father, or any one of my family member’s in God’s hand … I know truly they are safe and fine  yet I still miss them so much.

Your first job:

9 years old … cutting lawns, raking leaves, washing cars, cutting firewood, and delivering newspapers.

Your worst job:

None … liked working as far back as my first job … always grateful to be able to work regardless of what the job required … though honestly never really enjoyed cleaning up after large animals … “lol” as they say today.

Your dream job:

A father who lives to see his children all safe, happy, and productive building their own lives and families … and enjoying one another along the way.

Last books you read:

“Resilience” by Eric Grietens and “Support and Defend” by Tom Clancy … often read two books at the same time or in parallel … mix fiction, biographies and autobiographies.


Love to fish with my family and / or friends … boxing … cooking at home … wood working … travel with Julia.

Favorite Quote:

Thomas Jefferson: “In matters of style swim with the current; in matters of principle stand like a rock.”

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Priest, then maritime attorney … then very best Realtor.

What motivates you?

My family … and striving to be the best father, husband, friend, person, and Realtor I can be.

What do you enjoy doing most with your family or friends?


Last concert/live performance you saw:

Steely Dan


What current issue affecting your business is most important to you?

Data syndication.

What has been your best idea so far? 

Never giving up.

Lightning Round

■ Coffee or Tea : Coffee
■ Coke or Pepsi: Dr. Pepper
■ Beer or Wine: Wine
■ Cook or Dine Out: Cook
■ Sweet or Salty: Both!
■ Dog or Cat: Dog
■ Pool or Beach: Beach
■ Crossfit or Yoga: Boxing
■ Spa or Adventure: Adventure
■ RedBox or Movie Theater: Depends
■ Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon: Johnny Carson and David Letterman re-runs
■ Gulf or Golf: Gulf
■ Kayak or Speed Boat: As long as it floats!
■ Hybrid or Gas Hog: SUV
■ Mac or PC: iPads, PCs, Smartphones etc. etc.
■ Netflix or Hulu: Xfinity or Netflix

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