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Rich and Linda Ward

The Listing Process

Rich and Linda Ward both would agree that preparing to list your home might not always be the easiest challenge but Christopher Braun definitely helps prepare you for what you should expect when listing your home as well as what you need to prepare to get the best possible outcome.

“You brought a different dimension” The Wards were impressed with the questions Chris was asking about the house and what improvements were made right up front “that dimension was almost an engineer’s point of view” Chris asked important questions that weren’t asked up front by other Realtors “It’s those kinds of things that we seeing continuing past the listing process” Chris does his best to lay it all out for you so there are absolutely no surprises.

Tony and Lesley Ryan

Peer Compliments Mean a Lot

The best compliments a businessman can receive are from their peers. Chris Braun received just that from former Realtor (and now client) Tony Ryan.

Tony and Lesley Ryan recently sold a home and purchased a new home working with Chris. Tony knew from his past business experience that he wanted Chris to represent him in these transactions.

“We interviewed about a half dozen realtors that we felt were able to sell high end property,” explains Tony.   He was outstanding in the interview and outstanding ever since.”

The Ryans recently decided that their house on Gulf Shore Boulevard was too big for them.  In their retirement they needed to downsize and find a home that would be easier to maintain.

“Our dear friend Chris here managed to find us a house in two days after we sold this one,” says Tony.  “We were desperate to find another house quick.”

George and Pam Hamel

First Impressions Really Do Matter

George and Pam Hamel may have met Chris Braun by chance in 2010 but today they consider him their valued real estate professional, a source for all things real estate in Naples and a very good friend.  All because he made a very good first impression.

“My mother, who is a residential real estate agent in D.C., was visiting us when we lived by Lowdermilk Park,” explains George.   “She loves looking at houses so I started calling the real estate agents for waterfront properties we saw that were listed.  I got everyone’s voice mail, except for Chris.  He picked up.  He was the only one who picked up. I explained who we were and we probably were not buyers at that time.  I explained what I wanted and he said he’d call me back in seven minutes. And he did call me back…in exactly seven minutes.”

That first impression created a sense of trust between the Hamels and Chris Braun and led to a business relationship and friendship that will probably last a lifetime.

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