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Rich and Linda Ward – The Listing Process


Why Chris Stood Out

“We had already agreed in our heads we were going to go with another group until we met you” Chris was among four other Realtors who met with the Wards trying to present themselves as the best person for the job. Chris met with the Wards last; but he was able to leave a lasting impression. “Just talking with you: you had all this information, you had all these spreadsheets, you had all these numbers and you answered all of our questions”. “It Just clicked you would be the one to represent us”.


Why We Chose Chris

“You brought a different dimension” The Wards were impressed with the questions Chris was asking about the house and what improvements were made right up front “that dimension was almost an engineer’s point of view” Chris asked important questions that weren’t asked up front by other Realtors “It’s those kinds of things that we seeing continuing past the listing process” Chris does his best to lay it all out for you so there are absolutely no surprises.


Trust is always a key factor

“The hard part for us in listing and choosing anyone was that ultimate sense of rapport and trust” This is the most important part in any business relationship and luckily these Sellers found someone they could trust. “What resonated with us with you Chris, is you were able to think about the conclusion and you were confident in the analysis you had put together around pricing, marketing, timing, viability.” Chris always has his plan ready and even though he might not have all of the answers, he knows how to get them and how to get them fast. “It was something that came from Chris’ heart”

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