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Tony and Lesley Ryan – Chris is Outstanding

Peer Compliments Mean a Lot

The best compliments a businessman can receive is from his peers. Chris Braun received just that from former Realtor (and now client) Tony Ryan.  And he is ever so grateful for those compliments and for the friendship he has developed with the Ryans.

Tony and Lesley Ryan recently sold a home and purchased a new home working with Chris. Tony knew from his past business experience that he wanted Chris to represent him in these transactions.

Chris is “outstanding”

“We interviewed about a half dozen realtors that we felt were able to sell high end property,” explains Tony.   He was outstanding in the interview and outstanding ever since.”

The Ryans recently decided that their house on Gulf Shore Boulevard was too big for them.  In their retirement they needed to downsize and find a home that would be easier to maintain.  Tony turned to Chris for help.

“Our dear friend Chris here managed to find us a house in two days after we sold this one,” says Tony.  “We were desperate to find another house quick.”

It Takes One to Know One

“I have sold over 300 houses since I was in the real estate business, explained Tony.  Chris is the best real estate person I’ve ever met.  He is extremely talented, extremely friendly, extremely cooperative. I can’t imagine anyone better.We have been thrilled with him from the beginning.”

“We’re going to miss this house,” says Tony.  “We built it in November of 1999 and are moving out in November of  2013.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  Of course we built it the way we wanted it so it was exactly the way we wanted it. I related selling it somehow to having your only daughter get married.”

“It was a very difficult house to sell” explains Tony. “Chris was patient and extremely helpful all the way. He never hesitated a moment and eventually we found the right buyer.”

Even When They Disagreed Tony Deferred to Chris’ Expertise

“Chris and I would sit down and talk about every little stumbling block we ran into along the way,” says Tony.  “Often we have disagreed and we came to a mutual agreement on many things. However, on quite a few I disagreed with him but I deferred to his opinion because I valued his opinion and it turned out his opinion was right. I am most impressed with his negotiating ploys.

“The home was a foreclosure and buying was particularly traumatic. Chris was extremely helpful in getting the bank off their duff and do something. It was a slow process but it closed early and might not have closed at all had it not been for Chris’ help.”

Impressed with Chris’ Research and Smarts

“He’s like a big brother,” says Lesley. “We are comfortable with him.  We sat around this table every four weeks and discussed what was going on in the market.  I was surprised at how much he knew legally.  He’s smart.   He researched everything. He knew everything about this house after he had been here only twice. He must have a photographic memory. He was really, really good. We never ever thought of changing.”

“We’ve lived on water since the mid 1980s. We lived on Lake Erie.  This isn’t like Lake Erie because you can’t see all around, but it’s fantastic being on the Gulf and being on the beach.  We tried making our yard look like a jungle and after many years it does. We love the palm trees. I sit every morning and look at the beach; I have a glass of wine every evening and watch the sunset.”

“Our new house has a western view over a lake so I will still have a water view and I think I can live with it.

Lesley Was Right

Tony was a brilliant Realtor himself but gives credit for their decision to buy in Naples, Florida to his wife, Lesley.

“The wisest financial decision my wife ever made for me in 1987 was when she came to me and said, ‘Are you having any fun rifling through those stock certificates?’” says Tony.  “Why don’t you think about using some of that money to buy something we can enjoy, like a house?'” It turned out to be a far better investment decision than owning stocks.  I’m supposed to be the financial genius but she came up with the best idea we ever had.”

Lesley smiled and in true wifely manner responds, “It won’t be the last.”

It’s a Team Effort

“It was a team effort all the way around.  We worked well together.  I think we kind of like Chris to boot,” Tony laughs.

“We’re going to miss him,” adds Lesley.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Chris responds.



I always felt that we teamed up. For me, it is very helpful when owners take in information and team up with me. Thank you for that.  I’m confident that without our ‘team’ view, we wouldn’t have gotten here.
Chris Braun

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